New in the Forum but an old sailor. Me and mywife started sailing in Zeeland in 1989. Our first boat was a Dehler Delanta 75 Dinette. We sailed his phantasic boat for tree years. The next boat, a vindoe 32 we bought in Wemeldinge. We had a Marina place there until 2005. Then we moved to the Baltic See to Felnsburger Förde where we live now.

Here we bought in 2012 a Dufour Sortilege from 1973. Wanambi (former Tistlarna) has been 4 times over the Atlantic in the Caribian See and back. We know a litle the history of the boat.

Wanambi was build in 1973 and bought by a sailing school. She ist one of the rare slup rigged Sortilege’s
In the 2nd year she had fire on board, for reason of an engine fire.
Wanambi came back to the yachtyard, got a new deck and renovated the interior.
After repair Wanambi was sold to Kiel, to a member of the Kiel Yachtclub and of course sailed Regatta for the Club.
She lost her mast and got a new one, an Isospar mast from a Bavaria 410. the new Mast had two spreader pairs. The original mast got only one spreader pair.
After this she was privat owned and sailed for Family sailing in the Baltic See
Our preowner bought the boat and made a horrible refit, he putted cork on the surface of all Wood.
We startet with a sailing refit in 2012 by removing the cork and painting the Wood because the original Teak veneer ist nearly complete destroyed.

You can follow the refit at our webblog

We know some other Sortileges from the Internet, of course Challanger, Soritlege (which is in Curacao at the Moment) the second dutch Sortilege Kyra Engelina… but this should be a part of your Dufour 41 Sortilege Theme.

I hope to get contact to some other fans of old Dufour boats and maybe complete a Little bit the historie of the shipyard and the work of Michel Dufour.