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[size=18]Twaron in Marine applications


[size=18]Frequently asked questions about Twaron booklet[/size] Talk sailing and you talk Twaron aramid fibers.

Most high-performance laminate sails contain Twaron aramid fibers:

  • high modulus
  • low weight
  • flex fatigue resistance
Twaron is also the preferred reinforcement for perhaps the most important part of a sailing boat, the hull. Again for its:
  • high modulus
  • low weight
  • good fatigue properties but also its:
  • high strength
  • high energy absorption
  • vibration and sound-proofing properties

Did you know that almost all boats participating in he Volvo Ocean Race are reinforced with Twaron aramid fibers?

It is obvious that the use of Twaron aramid fibers in hulls is not just confined to sailing boats: also a growing number of motor yachts - and not only racing boats - are built with this high-performance reinforcement.