wir haben vor wenigen Monaten eine Gibsea 33 (Baujahr 2001) in Holland gekauft. Da wir beide noch blutige Segelanf?nger sind lernen wir das Boot erst nach und nach kennen - haben noch ganz viele Fragen.

  1. Wo kann man Bodenschutz mit Kupferoxid kaufen?
  2. Was muss bei der Behandlung des Unterwasserschiffs alles runter?   Ist es besser einen Hochdruckreiniger mit Wasser oder Luft zu benutzen? 
  3. Muss ich den Bodenschutz mit Pinsel oder mit einer Rolle anbringen?
  4. Wenn das Boot drau?en ?berwintert (Bock, nicht im Wasser) brauche ich eine Plane?
  5. Unsere Gibsea l?sst sich nur schwer r?ckw?rts fahren. Gibt es da Tricks oder Verbesserungen?
  6. Wo kann man am besten Ersatzteile f?r die Gibsea 33 bekommen?
    W?rden uns sehr freuen, wenn ihr uns einige Tipps geben k?nntet. Wir sprechen leider kein Niederl?ndisch, nur Deutsch und Englisch. 

1.We ordered at Hempel Combic koperhoudend 5L. This is sufficient for two times repainting the whole bottom. Under the keel, there probably won?t be any paint left (due to rubbing and scratching weed or mud patches). For the best, first cover the bold parts with a primer (for example Primacon (George Kniest). We bought a 1 litter can, which will be enough for next few years (so better don?t buy the 5 litter can). It is not necessary to scour away the old paint, but just put it over the old paint. I?m convinced scouring will harm the gellcoat underneath.
If they used a rubber holding or special non toxic kind of paint you probably have to take it off or put a primer between the old and new paint.
2. When the shipyard takes out your vessel, they immediately flush them with high pressure as the green dirt gets off easy when wet. After drying you may scour it of with (very fine) sandpaper.
3. A paint roller will be fine. Use a brush to fit parts difficult to reach. NB Do not paint the propeller or the anode attached behind the prop!
4. It?ll cost you approx ?1.500 for a good quality, breathing, tailor-made deck cover from the sail maker but it certainly is worth it. It will keep your vessel and inox steel in the best condition.
5. My best advice: get use to it! We ourself had our problems with backwords steering, since the stern always turns to the right due to effects of the turning of the propeller. Turning to the left is almost impossible, to my opinion.
One trick may be to first give a lot of power getting to move the vessel backwards and when at speed put the engine stationary running forward. The propeller will push the water against the rudder and it?ll pick up. What also can help is to just give short powerbursts to maintain speed and put it back in neutral to steer. Before moving backwards, oversteer a littlebit to compensate the ruddereffect for your reverse course. In forward, we always turn over left and we use the starboard side in locks and harbours.
6. For original Dufour parts, order at as most of the hardware are from Lewmar, Spinock or other suppliers like the stove from Eno and the toilet from Jabsco.
Kind regards,

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