Rig Tuning - D34P

Sorry for the English guys … but my dutch isn’t so good.
Do any D34P owners have specs for tuning a standard D34 mast/rig?
How much tension on the outer shrouds and and lower/upper inner shrouds to get best performance?
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I’ll try this again another way …
Do any D34 owners on the group use a Loos gauge to tune their rigging? How much tension are you using on the outer and inner shrouds.
A picture of a Loos gauge follows … Not sure if these are available in Europe, but you must have something similar. 

I do not haven any experience with rig tuning of a Dufour 34P (not yet). Maybe you can ask it to Dufour itself. I have a name of somebody who knows a lot about (of cours) Dufours. And if he does not knows, he can probably give you an another name within the Dufour-organisation.
Sent me an e-mail and I will give you his name etc.

Do you have a Loos gauge that fits the shroudsize on the 34? I used a Loos gauge a lot on the dragon but cloud not find one to fit the shrouds on the 34P. I was amazed that there is no real rig tuning guide out there. At the yard they just set the shrouds to ‘feel’ tight and strait. Not really very precise.
There was a topic on the forum by a new dealer in Holland who delivers a 34p with a race-setup. I haven’t heard a reaction from him to questions on deck-layout and rig setup for racing.
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Hi Alan,
we use this one. According to a book how to set your rigging, we found out that for the outer shrouds it is 20% and for inner shrouds 15% of breaking strain of wire.
This unit comes with an explanation, how to use it, for the Dutch forum users you can buy it for example at Dekker watersport.
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Cees, mixed emotions

The gauge I  have is a Loos Guage (Model PT-3*) in English sizes which seems to fit the cables. The V1s are 5/16" and the D1s and D2s are 9/32" 
You can find info here on the gauge.  It’s widely available in North America.  
I’ve tried getting info from Durfour France and several riggers here on tuning a D34 who all seem to do this by feel.  Dufour France told me they have no specs on tuning as their riggers also do it by feel.  Unfortunately this isn’t a big help to the uninitiated. 
Some sailmakers have some very detailed tuning instructions for Beneteaus and J-Boats.  Was hoping someone in Europe who races their D34 would have some info they could share.  
If anyone has anything … or any ideas let me know.  Many thanks … Alan amusgrave39015,1849652778