on our holyday-trip in the baltic sea there was a crash to my D32 integral, 1998.
A BAV 32 crashed with her anchor into our “Reling”, smashed a “Relingstütze” and broke the upper "Relingsdraht ".
Even the foot of the “Relingstütze” became a dash.
Now I’m searching for original parts:
1 foot of the “Relingstütze”
1 “Relingstütze”

It would be nice , if there is someone who could give me some details

Is it a toerail from Goiot (1998) and where can I buy the above named parts???

@ Hans van Gent , doe you know something?

Kind regards

Hoi Rolf,

A sad moment for a sailor, nobody hurt?
Is your deck not damaged, did you check that, or let you check that by an (insurance-) expert?

Nice, that you think of me. I know that Dufour bought a lot of equipment via Plastimo in France.
But, if you bring your beautifull Dufour to a yard, to repair, they will search for the right equipment. I hope your counter-party is insured. Then you can ask a yard to repair, so, do not worry. They know most of the times the way to all kind of equipment.
I had the same kind of collision 2 years ago.

So, maybe I could help you a little bit with this message.

Succes, ciao,

Hoi Hans,
thanks for your quick answer!
The deck is not damaged, we checked that, but the needed parts have been damaged more and less.
What they (yard) have done in Stralsund was only a “Notreparatur” , they could’nt get the parts in few days- so we could’nt and would’nt wait for it, because that were my holydays
I’ll look for your tip: equipment via Plastimo.

Kind regards

PS. This weekend a friend of me in the takes over his just bought Dufour 31 (several years old? )I’ll have a look at it on saterday. Maybe I can “shanghay” him for our Dufourvaardersforum.

Hi Rolf,

It is possible that the equipment is not in the catalog anymore. If not try to call the supplier of Plastimo, maybe they can help you.

And, concerning your friend with the Dufour 31. He is always welcome, of course


Hoi Hans,

Hoi Hans,
well, some times it happens, there was today a little wonder!
The Dufour seller Haubold Yachting GmbH, Berlin, did a lot of searching at Dufour in France - and they got those parts I asked for.
I have to thank Mr. Schablinski in Berlin for very good working!
The only question is, from which company gets Dufour that parts ?
In case of an answer from Mr. Schablinski, I’ll tell it to you!

So long
SY. Moi Wicht, Dufour 32 integral

Hi Rolf,
All these kind of parts of the dufour classic range are from a frech company called GOIOT.
The general link to Goiot Marine:
And the specific link to toerails and stancion’s :
I had a damaged toerail in 2008, and everything is still avalable.
Good luck,

Hi Martin,
thanks for your answer!
Sorry, but the type of my toerail is not in those prgramms of goiot.
There are only types of toerail in 6 m-peaces and mine is a type over the whole boatlength!
If I’ll get the requested answer, I’ll tell it to this forum!

So long

Hi @ all,
first I’ll wish all of you Merry Christmas / Prettige Kerstdagen.

I have good news:
The Dufour -seller in Berlin, Mr. Schablinski, got the parts for my toerail from Dufour in France. It took him a lot of time, but he did’nt suffer and so it came to an good ending!