Quick BX-15 Nautic Boiler

Hi guys … Noticed over the last while that i get about 50ml of fresh water under the water heater (boiler) on VICTURA (below the pressure release valve) when I sail and run the engine hot. 
I suspect it’s the pressure release valve openng and letting some water escape when water in the boiler heats up with the engine running hot.  It’s more of an irritant than a problem as the amount of water is only a small amount (50mls) and the water stays in the cavity below the boiler.  It’s always the same amount even if you run the engine for a long time. 
I talked with the manufacturer (Quick) who said this might be normal, but suggested I might want to consider replacing the valve (but wouldn’t guarantee this would solve). 
Any other D34 owners notice same … Take a look under the boiler, and see if there’s a pool of water there??? If you let it build up it might find it’s way to the bilge.
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Hoi Alan,
I once had a little bit of water from my boiler. It was only once, so I think it was to hot in the boiler and the preasure pushed the water out.
I let the drain go under the inner hull so that the water can go into the bilge.

Hans … Was that on your new D34P or your 36 Classic. 
Mine has been doing this for a while. and it’s taken me a while to figure out it’s probably the pressure release valve.
Curious to see if other D34’s have the same problem.   
I don’t really like getting water into the inner hull/grid as it’s hard to drain. 

Hi Alan,
I had the same experience as You and Hans in my old 32 Classic. From time to time hot water from the boiler got into the bilge. It did not caused problems.

I have noticed this problem also a few times on my 34. I don’t like it when i have water in my boat because this modern yachts have not a real bilge. Therefore we put now a piece of cloth under the boiler wich we refresh very two weeks.
Gr Raymond
SY Bon-Vivant 

Hi Alan,
It was on my new 34PP. I had it probably also on my 36 C, but the drain went in the innerhull, so I did not see it. It is so little water that the water evaporated. The idea of Bon Vivant is also possible.
I have heard, that sometimes the preasure went out via the tap, but…?

I have the same problem on my 34P. it (water )is allways there after the engine was used. I contacted the distributor which confirmed it is the pressure valve that opens.
To fix the problem …i brought a small tube over the wateroutlet of the boiler  , the tube is ending in a small plastic bottle that i can easily ,though frequently, make empty.

Good idea, I will look after it.

well, its the same on my 385; i have aprox a liter of water every 3-4 weeks to wipe away. I thought it was a leakage and not the valve, but maybe the trick of hanging a bottle under the valve will solve that question.