propeller for dufour 36 classic

Hello, my boat has installed an engine volvo MD2030 with a propeller  with 2 blade.
Someone can tell me, if i can instal a propeller with 3 blades for most performance with Sails and engine?

I have see some tests: maxprop, Gori, varifold…


Hi Amandio,
Our 36-Classic (1999) has a 2030 with saildrive. It was equiped with a fixed 2 blade propeller. This season we replaced it by a 3 blade Volvo Penta foldingprop. I also looked at all alternatives but choose the safe VP and i don’t regret. It works fine in forward and reverse and with very little " wheel-effect" My estimation our Martinique is approx. 0.5 knots faster on sail  depending on windforce.
If you want to know details of the prop let me know but i have to look it up.
b.r. Martinmartinique39716,8894675926

Hi Martin

My 36-Dufour classic (2002) at 2200rpm give 5,5 knots.

The propeller 3 blade, that  you install improved engine performance? (more speed, with less rotation?)



Our ex-36 was equiped with a 3-blade folding prop from VP. Perfect! Engine performance are far more better than with a 2-blad fold. It was a very good investment. Also safe because of corrosion of the saildrive. VP made these propellers speciale for the saildrives.

I won’t say that the performance of the 3 blade foldingprop is that much better then the 2 blade fixedprop. It’s, to my experience, comparable. The biggest advantage is more speed/noise on sail.
However i heard from various people that installed the 2 blade foldingprop and are not happy with it and want to/did replace it by a 3 blade prop now.
2 blade folding props are perfect for racing but less practcal for cruising
greetz Martin

noise on sail?
Did you put the prop in the reverse gear, to fold the prop in?

Ha Ha Hans
I wanted to say more speed/less noise under sail.
If you put your engine in neutral your gearbox makes noise under sail, and if you put it in reverse you have maximum friction because of the standing prop. So the foldingprop is as you say a good investment, expensive but i got a 20% discount martinique39719,3804513889

Hoi Martin,
Discount, can we (dufourvaarders) get that discount too, if possible?

Hi Amandio
We are the owners of a 34Pwith a VP2030 29hp saildrive. Three years ago we changed the standard fixed 2-blade for a VP3 blade folding prop. For this engine we were advised to take the 17x12. We are very happy with it, but a 16x11 would do maybe even better.
With the engine running 2200 revs the boatspeed is some 6,5 knots. The speed is a lot higher than with the standard prop, that is the reason that I think the 16x11 would be better.
How is your Dutch, by the way? The relevant topic on the Dufour 34 chapter is called “schroeven”.Enjoy!
Noorderzon/Guido Flach 

Hi Guido,
I looked it up and my foldingprop is 17 x 12 which was advised bij VP.
What would be the advantage of the 16 x 11?
Greetz Martin

Depending what kind of yacht you have etc. you can take a 16 or 17. But I sometimes ask myself, who knows such a lot about the propellors, or does he guess?LOL