New Sails

Hi guys … I’m thinking of upgrading my genoa headsail to a better performing sail.  My sail maker is recommending a 143% as the maximum I can go on the current genoa tracks. 
I have the standard rig.  Any of you gone with a bigger sail on the stock tracks.  Initially was thinking of going to a 150%.
Any ideas … Let me know.   amusgrave39709,8735069444

Hi, I just got myself a new Genua of Flexx Pentex, LPG 5.24 m I think this is about the maximum size. It leaves me app 15 cm at my genua sheet rail at the end at strong wind trim position.
I also increased the lenght of the forestay rail with 9,5 cm by making the sideplates of the furling roller app 10 cm shorter (the roller is lower to the deck now) and it’s very easy to increase the length of the rail with one position. So this also gave me the possibility to increase the hight of the new genua a little. The new genua enables me to sail 3-5 degrees more up-wind with a speed increase of avg. 0.8-1.1 kts. Also I can have stronger winds with this new genua, up to app. 18 kts apparent.

Hi Alan en Menno,
I just bought a smaller sale, because I selden use such a big genua like that. But Menno how did you lower your forstay. Can you make some pictures. Or did you releave the plates of the roller and did you connect your sail to the deck. Or do you mean the long stainless steel plates with holes which connect the roller on the deck?

Indeed I mean the long stainless steel plates with the holes. I made them app. 10cm shorter with new holes on the bottom end. This brings your roller down with app. 10 cm. which gives you he possibility to move up the rail one position (holes are already there in the rail). This also looks much nicer and sails better… (I’ll try to make a picture next Wednesday evening if I don’t forget )Maatskip39712,8783680556



Ok? Menno,
I shall look at my 34, but I believe that my roller is already low. Thanks.

Is het like this?