International Dufour 385 Mailing List

Dear All,
I hope you do not mind that I post in English. Unfortunately I cannot participate in the forum since I do not read and write Dutch language.
I would like to invite interested Dufour 385 owners to participate on an international mailing list dealing with Dufour 385 related issues. Please have a look at  
From what I can understand it appears that this Dutch forum is very good, but I still hope that many of you will see a benefit in communicating outside the borders of the Netherlands. I have started out this weekend by contacting by mail the Dufour clubs in Sweden, Norway and England. I have had a reaction already from Norway, where 9 boats has joined. 
I hope to hear from many of  you!
Best regards,
Michael Boe

The mailing list has become an international forum.
Please visit
You are welcome!