Factory Dodger

Hi … I’m interested if there are any Dufour 34 Performance Series owners on this group who have the factory Dodger and you could send me some pics and your comments. thx.

Hi Amusgrave,
It is probably my poor grasp of the English language, but can you explain what a Dodger is?

Ik denk dat een Dodger een buiskap is. Tenminste zo kan ik het ook volgen. (zie ook dufour@list.sailnet.net )

Yes.  I believe in Europe these are called a “Sprayhood” … Over here in Canada we call them a “dodger”.  Here is a picture of one on a Dufour 40


Okay, so that’s a dodger. I have the factory dodger on my 34. You can see some pictures on www.dannick.net
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