Dufour 27: construction and durability

Hello Everybody,

I am sorry I cannot write in Dutch, but I hope that English is fine as well…
My wife and me live in Lübeck at the Baltic Sea in Germany and sail since we moved here a few years ago. Since a few months, we are searching for our own first boat. As we do not want to spend too much money without knowing if owning an own boat will work out for us, we have set ourselves a price limit of about 10.000-15.000 Euros. So much about us and our motivation :wink:

We found a beautiful Dufour 27 near Lübeck. It was build in 1973 and has been in the possession of the offeror since then. It looks like it has been maintained very well over the years. In the past few years, the underwater hull has been totally refitted (“neu aufgebaut”), there is a new engine and it is very well supplied with (Navigation, Radar, life raft, new life vests, new agm-batteries and so on). Documentation is complete.

My concern ist the deck hull. As I could already find out here (in dutch) and on other platforms, the whole hull is a sandwich construction. What I could not really find is what the fill in material is. Is it wood? If that is so (or even with other fillings), is it prone to problems regarding penetration of water into and consequentially rotting of the fillings. I could not find any “soft spots” on deck, but I am not very experienced in these things.

Perhaps someone can help me out with this:
Are these boats prone to problems regardings the sandwich fillings? How can I test if the boat has such a problem? And of course: Are there other things I have to be careful about?

Again, sorry I cannot write this in dutch and thanks a lot for the help.