Bridge Clearance - D34

[size=2]Do any of you know what what the height clearance is for a D-34 with the standard rig.

I might have to go under some bridges this summer. One bridge has a clearance of 54 ft or 16.5 meters and I wonder if I have enough room.

If any of you have this info, let me know … tx.[/size]

it depends on the mast hight, the first 34P had  a clearance of 15metres without antennes or windex later they extended the mast with  0.5m, the bridgeclearance of 16.5m will be a gamble

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In this link link removed by administrator due to article copyright, heightclearance is 14,9 meters.  
you will find the heightclearance. It is in German, but you can read every language, so…
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Hierbij de zeilplannen van de 2 34-ers. De performance (langere mast) en de standaard. Heb ik van de Deense Dufour dealer site. … formance.p df … andard.pdf

the dufour website has a technical specs , specifying the air draft as 15.1 meters.
This is the link: … ufour_34.p df
Allowing 1 meter for antenna, you will need very flat water to clear a 16.5m bridge. It would make me very nervous…
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